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  • Less function, more art

    Less function, more art

    So, let’s get this down on paper first. I hate the word functional. It’s not a problem with the word itself, it’s that like the words “natural”, “healthy” and “fitness” it has become virtually meaningless. Every time someone uses the word functional, ask them the question “functional for what?”. Most of the time they won’t…

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  • Zero: How Starting From Nothing Builds Success

    Zero: How Starting From Nothing Builds Success

    We often do too much from a fear of doing nothing. We don’t give ourselves enough time to think about what we do because that’s when doubt can creep in. The problem with never really embracing this zero state is that often we do too much and never do anything well. If we constantly need to…

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  • There are No Shortcuts; Just Dead Ends

    I recently had a discussion on social media about this particular item: They are a kind of cutesy self defense device being marketed to women. Now, these are stupid, illegal, and unlikely to even offer an advantage in a self defense scenario. Not only that, but they are explicitly sold as a weapon, and therefore…

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  • How You Can Resist Being a Gym-Bro

    How You Can Resist Being a Gym-Bro

    I have made this statement many times, but never in print. But let’s face it, it’s a hard thing to quantify and I can only speak from my observations as a weightlifter, a martial artist, a coach, an ex-nightclub bouncer, and a man who has never really found a place in traditional masculine roles. The…

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  • Ask for Support, Not Instruction

    Say that your car has broken down. You go ask your friends for recommendations of a good mechanic. You don’t ask for recommendations on how to fix it yourself with zero automotive knowledge, and then do your best to follow the instructions on what “worked for them”. Health and fitness are weird. You can do…

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  • Is Sugar The Root of All Evil, Hellbent on Destroying Us All?

    No* Sorry to disappoint, but as much as we want to hate on a particular foodstuff, it’s really not, because the fact is food is not good or bad. Nor is it evil, “clean”, healthy or pure. Food is food. A better question than whether something is “good” or “healthy” is does this suit my…

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  • Give What You Can Spare; Keep What You Need.

    How long is a workout? A better question is how long do you have? In a conversation with a student this week, the subject of giving 100% came up and how they were training. Due to illness and stress, they were not training at the capacity that they had previously been at. They were happy…

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  • Be Flexible in Your Training Needs

    If you attend the gym a lot, you will see that some people spend their entire time frustrated. They pace back and forth, hassle people about when they will be done with a piece of equipment they need, and just generally don’t seem to be having a good time. They have needs, they have a…

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  • Bow to Authority! Seek Professionals to Maximise Success

    I am not someone who defers to authority easily, but often the difference between success and failure can be our willingness to trust a professional. We waste a lot of time and a lot of headspace on self-teaching. This is an important and valid part of any process, but most people delay, hinder, or even…

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  • Focus on Disaster: How to Use Impending Doom to Set Training Goals.

    Functional training is all the rage but how often do we actually question whether our training is, in fact, functional? Not “Functional™” but functional. Could you lift a log, climb a rope, throw a punch, carry a wounded person or wrestle an assailant to the ground if you needed to do those things in a life…

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