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  • Weightloss, science and self-love

    This is a rewrite of a facebook post that proved really popular with some more detail and thought put into it.  Very often in health and fitness we see statements like: “The key to weightloss is X” “You have to give 100%” “You just need to be strong!” The problem is, all of those reduce…

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  • The Broken Stair

    Before the holidays a close friend of mine relayed an analogy that has been knocking around in my head since then, regarding interpersonal relationships. He said every group has a broken stair. I looked confused. He explained. Everyone has that one person in the group that’s a broken stair. You know that it’s broken, so…

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  • Eating for the holidays

    Cavaet: A week of eating what you want and not exercising will not significantly derail your progress. What derails people is the shame, feeling of failure and social judgements that come from  “falling off the wagon”. The point of this article is to help people make mindful decisions about eating and exercise during the holidays,…

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  • 3 books that will make you a better person

    If you want to be your best self, you have to have your views challenged. Here’s my top three books to make you a better person. 1. Resilience- Eric Greitens “If you take responsibility for anything in your life, know that you’ll feel fear. That fear will manifest itself in many ways: fear of embarrassment,…

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  • Why I don’t believe in tough love

    I don’t believe in tough love. Yet, for some reason, society treasures it. We love the anti-hero archetype that speaks their mind and doesn’t bullshit (hey, people used this as a reason to vote for Trump, despite the fact that he wasn’t telling he truth to begin with), and there is something in that: The…

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  • “Eureka, it works!…”

    “Eureka, it works!…”

    …They cry, waving before and after photos under your nose like they have solved one of life’s rudimentary problems, but “it works” is misleading when they are the ones defining what works. This blog is a short write up on the ketogenic diet based on a request from a client of mine named Mike who…

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  • Conquering Fear with Mr. Bumble

    Conquering Fear with Mr. Bumble

    Meet Mr. Bumble. Mr. Bumble is scared of everything. Mr. Bumble is a foster rat currently in my care. He was found living outside. Before we took him in he was a day away from becoming snake food (seriously!) and at some point in his adventures he broke a number of toes, so he was likely…

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  • Are you doing too much and eating too little?

    Are you doing too much and eating too little?

    Three times in the last week I have advised other coaches seeking help working on weight loss with clients to get them to do less, eat more, and be patient. The common belief for weight loss is to eat less, train more, but more often than not when talking to other nutrition coaches their clients flounder…

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  • Why “Clean” Eating Challenges Are Hot, Stinking Garbage

    So, this clean eating challenge popped up in my feed a few days ago because several people I know are taking it. We’re about to go down a rabbit hole, so I guess before we begin I should clarify: I don’t blame people for doing this stuff. I don’t blame people for hoping it will help them…

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  • Review: We’re Working Out! The Al Kavadlo App

    Review: We’re Working Out! The Al Kavadlo App

    So, I generally don’t do reviews, so it means if I am doing one I either love the product or I really hate it to the point I need to put it in print so that I can stop being angry about it. Luckily (for you) this is the former. Over the weekend, I was…

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